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Picture of Jerry Faulring

Jerry Faulring - Owner and Grower

Jerry started his career in 1970 after earning a B.S. Agronomy degree from Purdue, first working at Summit Hall Turf Farm in Gaithersburg, MD. In 1973 he co-founded what became a five state regional lawn service called Hydro Lawn based in Gaithersburg. In 1990 he started his nursery production career with 25 acres known as River Farm Nursery. The land for Waverly Farm was purchased in 1996 with planting begun in 1997. His responsibilities today include propagation, all aspects of field production, a broad interest in improving nursery production through many research initiatives, and various administrative activities. He says he is a businessman first who just happens to be growing plants, but his love of agriculture generally and enjoyment gained through the production of ornamental plants suggests he is a grower first.

Picture of Tiffany Shorten

Tiffany Shorten - Office/Marketing Manager

Tiffany comes from an experienced background of horticulture work including a local sod grower and nursery retail outfits. She has a Bachlors in Business with a minor in Accounting. Tiffany has a small local farmette and teaches horseback riding lessons on the weekends. She brings with her her dogs, Jedd and Julie.

Picture of Lindsey Senseman

Lindsey Senseman - Sales and Administration

Lindsey has been working in the horticultural industry for over 12 years. She has performed all aspects of work, from growing, soil testing, machine operation , deliveries to design and plant care. She has grown organic produce, and has owned and operated her own landscaping business for a number of years. Lindsey is a Frederick native with a Business degree, and is attending UMD for her Horticulture degree. She lives close by and has a dog, horse, cats and a house Pig, Rosie.

Picture of Chino

Eusebio Carmona (aka Chino) - Foreman

Eusebio Carmona (aka Chino) has been our Foreman at Waverly for the past 5 years; starting when he was just 19! He is the main communication between the office and field and Jerrys right hand man. Chino manages the loading and digging and is skillful with every piece of equipment we own. He is incredibly organized and meticulous; taking all changes in stride. Even in the full swing of Spring he always maintains his cool/calm demeanor.