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Fire at Adamstown farm claims barn, equipment
Frederick County orchards and nurseries get ahead of lost topsoil
Winter Newsletter 2018

Off-Target Herbicide Damage

Spring Newsletter 2017

Boxwood Blight, Pruning, & New Material

Preferred Pricing Availability 2017

With spring comes planting season, and planting season means we need to best utilize our zones for new plantings. This list of material is discounted to help move them out of the zones. Please click the link for a look at this year's discounts.

  • 2017 Discounts
  • Winter Newsletter 2017

    The Tech Issue: Semi-Automatic Irrigation & Drone Projects!

    Summer Newsletter 2016

    Michorrizae, The "Cool" Plants, & The Perfect Hedge.

    Preferred Pricing Availability 2016

    Every year we plant a new set of liners to replenish our crops for future availability. Sometimes we need to clear a few rows to make room for the new material. This year we are offering the plants at preferred pricing , hoping to benefit everyone. You get a preferred price, we clear our rows!

  • Preferred Pricing Availability Info packet
  • Fall Newsletter 2015

    Fall Digging for Spring Shipping, Double Impact Viburnum, & Pruning Tips: "It has long been a tradition of field production growers to dig material ordered for spring in the fall. The root balls are 'healed in' with an appropriate material and held until it's time to ship them the next spring. This strategy has been implemented for a variety of reasons. Probably most importantly...

    Bloom Calendar

    We've gathered flowering times to create this 'Bloom Calendar'. It lists flowering times in chronological order, by month.

    Reference Flyers

    These flyers were created with the idea to help viewers identify cultivars of our most popular material. If interested we can mail you printed copies.

  • Ilex Guide
  • Viburnum Guide
  • Boxwood Guide
  • Waverly Innovation flyer
  • Seasons Guide
  • Summer Newsletter 2015

    Are You A Negligent Employer?, Underutilized Plant Material, Sectional Boxwood.

    Pictures from the field: June-July 2015

    June brought us Hydrangea paniculata and July was full of color thanks to our Hibiscus syriacus. Like our Facebook page to follow how the plants look throughout the year.

    Spring Newsletter 2015

    The History of Waverly Farm, Bloom Calendar, Waverly's Spring Favorite: Syringa.

    Winter Newsletter 2015

    Why we heat our Greenhouses with Compost, Understanding Boxwood Bronzing, Evergreen Winter Containers, and Cedrus deodara.

    Fall Newsletter 2014

    Landscaping and Plant Trends:choosing plants wisely, an interview; Driving Down Irrigation Costs; and Waverly Fall Favorites

    Innovative Production Methods

    We take our tag line 'Crafting Quality Plants Since 1990' very seriously. Since 1990 Waverly Farm has been a leader in innovation in our industry, continuously practicing the leading production methods. To deliver on our promise of top-rate material, Waverly Farm is constantly striving to practice advanced production methods and to use the best technology available to us in order to produce the highest quality material. And it all begins with the soil.

    Forestry Mower

    Plant removal from the field can be labor and machine intensive followed by additional expense to burn or grind. The forestry mower allows us to dispose of above ground plant parts in the field. Roots still have to removed and disposed of but with significantly reduced volume and labor/equipment expense.